Balkan Peninsula

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Creus Natural Park

It is then that arose the Galilee, a new cover, and later the third, that of the Mestre de Cabestany, that it must be placed between 1160 and 1163. This work has been destroyed with the abandonment of the monastery and now some fragments, preserved the most important of the seas Museum in Barcelona, with the appearance of Christ to the Apostles, and a beautiful capital in the Museum of Peralada. The new cloister was also made. Headquarters of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes hosts the Center for studies of the same name. The architectural ensemble has also been chosen as one of the venues of the Cap de Creus Natural Park. The Majesty of the architecture and the beauty of a landscape from which dominates throughout the Cap de Creus peninsula make it a site that you can not miss. You can also stay in an apartment in Barcelona and go a day visit to the monastery. The oldest parts the oldest vestiges that remain may date in Roman times, most recent are the first monastic remains, which could even be put into the 8th century.

The Church that still stands is, basically, that began to the year 1000. On the other hand, we find the cover main, formerly decorated in marble by the Maitre de Cabestany, which communicates with a Galilee. This Galilee was built subsequent to the work of the Church. The original facade was outdoors and had a cover, it seems that decorated, and three Windows, one for each ship.