But today, don t know why, but I don t want to wear the camouflage ma3 jia3 to meet that person. Lower the head forced smile, let it be, why so much, now and I wanna have but is the relationship between the agent and artists. I was wearing what, or professional or not, in his eyes but is enchanting to hate into the bone marrow woman just, and have had no difference. Conveniently take down to set of light gray business attire, ste.louboutin pas cher pped on high-heeled shoes of wind fire out of the door. Three years ago, I in the center of the city nearby bought a set of single apartment, at that time most is for the sake of work consideration, now really should be the scene, even if the road rush hour traffic plugging of tight, I still is in 30 minutes of television stations under the building.

Television studio 2 is filled with each of the s record play outside, I see there are crowded at me over. If the agent is a sweaty don t remove good live, then I deeply feel entertainment remember also really not easy. Make out the generation of not more than half an hour, they can eat the, visible is to more professional. SuXiaoJie, according to your company s new signing artists SiNa foamposite .nike and television stations and the dissension, and us about what exactly is how! I view heard that SiNa play big, refused to cooperate with program recording! Worked on female director was also have gas cry! SiNa and obsessed dissension for the sake of what is actually Han abused female director I SiNa now famous good, it will be for next movie hype preheating I bowed my head, skill protect good hand, at the same time keep a smile just nod, and did not make any statement, also decline answer to the reporter s any problem. The crowd is very rough, actually a lot of SiNa or the fans, they also in chorus protest, considered television program design has a problem, let the SiNa be wronged. And we, as SiNa new club, unexpectedly have not human for star privacy and personal feelings into consideration, really incompetent. At that time, in small K, in every possible way but into my mind is as sharp as a razor, timely from studio door out, for I fend off the reporters and magnesium light bombing, just make a way out.

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